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Total Immersion announces the release of TryLive Home, the world’s first E-Commerce virtual try on solution for the home.

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September 19, 2013

TryLive Home introduces a new concept to mobile shopping: Allowing customers to browse catalogues, try furniture in their environment, verify dimensions and buy with a click, in confidence and with no surprises. With a proven track record in enhancing your e-commerce solution, TryLive Home boosts the efficiency and results of on-line furniture retail. 

TryLive Home enables in-situ viewing of true to scale furniture, electronic goods, domestic appliances or any household equipment. Total Immersion changes the rules and brings this virtual try on experience to the heart of the shopping experience.

DIDIER LESTEVEN – CEO of Total Immersion - “We can now break the frontier between shop and online retail. This innovation brings the shop directly to your house, and allows you to decorate an entire setting, to move furniture around, to change options, to compare and to share photo with friends, which is not possible in real life… Our customers have noticed a strong impact on deal conversion, visitor engagement, loyalty, and a reduction in the return rate.”

TryLive Home: An engaging and fun shopping experience. 

TryLive Home key exclusive features:

  • Split your screen to compare up to 4 different settings. The ideal tool to find the right texture, color and see if your items suits and fits into your surroundings!
  • Virtual Eraser: digitally remove an old sofa on your still image and replace with a new one.
  • Top View: switch to a top view of your room for easier furniture placement, and then go back to a natural perspective to appreciate the results!
  • True to scale dimensions are checked with a 99%  + accuracy
  • Share your TryLive decor with friends and get their feedback!
  • Pause mode: freeze the live  mode. Work on a static view to organize your space. Once ready, resume the TryLive augmentation of your room and admire the result!

TryLive Home is a turnkey solution. Easy to integrate, deploy and maintain through the Cloud.   

A Solution available for Mobile, Tablet (iOS and Android) and Web.

TryLive Home is available for E-commerce retailers and digital agencies starting from September 2013. Full details and online demo is available at trylive.com.

BUT : TryLive Home’s First French Customer.

Total Immersion has deployed the Trylive home mobile and web solution for the French furniture store BUT. From September 2013, BUT will offer its customers the opportunity to try virtual furniture within their own environments, via an IPAD application or on the Internet. Customers will then be permitted to purchase their chosen items directly from the app.

In June 2013, Haworth in North American already launched a TryLive Home mobile app with Total Immersion.


About Total Immersion

More than 500 clients and 10 million consumers all around the world have experienced Total Immersion’s solutions delivered in industries such as digital marketing, retail, consumer goods, e-commerce and entertainment. The company maintains offices in Europe, North America and Asia and supports a partner network with more than 120 solution providers worldwide.

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