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Visualize your new BUT furniture in 3D in your living room


February 11, 2014

Find the perfect furniture, from the comfort of your own home!

In 2010, BUT launched an Augmented Reality application on their website to visualize appliances in 3D on a photo.

Today, BUT is going one step further with Total Immersion, by introducing Augmented Reality in its Mobile application! Thanks to TryLive Home, a solution developed by Total Immersion, you can now change your room decoration Live.

Download the app on your iPad or iPhone, put a marker from the catalog on the floor, point the camera to it and see the new furniture to scale in your own environment.

You can check to see how the new furniture will look in your home, pick the color that suits your decor and ensure the item fits before buying with confidence. With more than 250 3D product references to visualize, you can compare different configurations, take photos and share them on Facebook to solicit opinion and approval from friends and family.

Download BUT mobile application on the Appstore and take the showroom to your living room!

Also available on Web.