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Marc Adamowicz from Happyview

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June 11, 2015


Marc Adamowicz from Happyview Shares His TryLive Insights

French E-commerce Leader Finds Success with Virtual Try-On Solution


Who is Happyview in a few words?

Happyview is a French online retailer, founded in 2009 to provide quality frames at an affordable price. With more than 700 prescription glasses and sunglasses from some the world’s most famous brands, Happyview offers the same services and expertise as an in-store optician at a third of the price.

What drove your interest in a live camera virtual try-on solution?

People always want to try-on glasses before buying them, so we started Happview knowing that we needed to reduce the gap between the customer, shopping from home, and the physical glasses. Our solution was to offer a home try-on and virtual try-on together. We love how the virtual try-on is so interactive – the customer can easily browse our entire catalog from their home, select and buy with a single click.

Is having a virtual mirror now an essential part of your website?

Using virtual try-on is mandatory for online eyewear purchasing. It adds real value to the customer experience, and gives them the ability to buy with confidence.

What customer feedback have you received?

Our customers have been really impressed by TryLive and especially with the quality of the experience. We’ve received lots of positive feedback remarking how accurate the experience was and how much our customers enjoyed using TryLive.

Have you seen an increase in conversion rate?  

Yes, the results are great! When comparing customer browsing, the conversion rate increases by 81% when they use the virtual try-on experience.

How do you see the eyewear market changing over the next 5 years?

Pressure from insurance companies will have a dramatic influence on the price of eyewear equipment. “Low cost” retailers will be more visible and the national chains will have to adapt and offer discounted prices. We expect online sales will continue to grow through the existing key players as more and more brick-and-mortar retailers move to digital. Online sales channels will need to work seamlessly cross-device and cross-platform while also delivering high value experiences such as virtual try-on, strong customer service and competitive pricing. The impact that ecommerce will have on the eyewear market will be fascinating to see over the next few years! 

Visit Happyview's website to experience the virtual try-on solution.