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The success of retail is cross channel. The success of shopping is the shopping experience.

TryLive solutions offer compelling Try On • Buy Now shopping experiences at home, in-store and on the go.

Whether it be eyewear or footwear, accessories and apparel, jewelry and watches, or even furniture and decor, TryLive gives retailers and e-commerce merchants the means to bring the showroom to the consumer’s living room, to drive cross-channel traffic and to enchant and convert shoppers.

Turnkey solutions for cross-channel retail


Whatever the future holds for retail, the fundamentals are as clear as ever:  Attract customers, retain them, and improve the bottom line.

TryLive enables customers to discover and interact with products and to share their shopping experiences before, during and after the act of purchase. Importantly it offers a way to convert them effectively while giving them confidence in the purchase decision itself.

Immersive interaction

Enabling shoppers to “take ownership” of a prospective purchase before buying is a key part of the customer journey and a powerful sales tool.
TryLive offers the immersive power of the visual and kinesthetic senses – real-time movement, interaction and space – to empower shoppers to try items on virtually and to visualize furniture and goods, in 3D and to scale, in situation at home.  

Discover, share and compare

TryLive offers an intuitive and compelling shopping and product discovery experience that fits perfectly with today’s cross-channel and social shopping journeys.
It is designed to dovetail with a whole range of cross-channel retail strategies: It can be integrated on Websites, deployed on mobile devices, or at kiosks at the point of sale or at special events.
Shoppers can discover, share and compare with greater interactivity than ever before.

Business benefits

TryLive enables retailers and e-commerce players to:

  • Attract new customers and drive both web traffic and foot traffic with positive word of mouth
  • Offer immersive and social shopping experiences that keeps customers coming back
  • Convert with confidence and reduce return rates

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TryLive is a perfect fit for the cross-channel and social shopping experience.See how TryLive captivates customers, drives traffic and helps the purchase decision across multiple retail sectors.

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- Marc Adamowicz, Happyview CEO