TryLive Eyewear Features


TryLive for Eyewear is designed for the exacting needs of the eyewear and eyecare industry.

Solutions can be tailored as required on the basis of the following feature set:

Try Live

Virtual try on using a webcam

Customers can easily try on and buy eyewear directly from a simple-to-use Web application leveraging their computer’s webcam.

Try Live offers a “live”, or in other words “real time” experience for optimal interactivity.

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TryOn Photo

Photo-based try on

If your customer doesn’t have or doesn’t wish to use a webcam, TryLive offers a photo-based solution to try on glasses.

Users can upload their own photo, or choose a photo from a range of human models.

Virtual eyewear models are superimposed on the fly, and the user can readjust the glasses with ease thanks to an intuitive interface.

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TryOn Video

Video-based try on

If your customer doesn’t have or doesn’t wish to use a webcam, TryLive makes it possible to try on glasses on a pre-recorded video sequence.

Users can choose a video sequence from a range of human models in movement.

Virtual eyewear models are superimposed on the fly.

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Try on and compare multiple glasses at a time

This advanced feature enables shoppers to split the virtual mirror screen and thus try on 2, 3 or 4 eyewear designs at the same time.
Shoppers can switch between single and split views with ease.
This comparison feature is designed to help shoppers make the right choice and buy with confidence. Ultimately, it helps reduce return rates. 

This feature is compatible with Try Live, TryOn Photo and TryOn Video modes.

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Enable a social shopping experience

Share and share a “like”. This feature enables shoppers to share a photo of the try on experience to Facebook to seek approval or advice from friends and family or to recommend the experience to others.
Customers gain an extra confidence in the purchase act. Your gain in exposure and word-of-mouth.

This feature is compatible with Try Live, TryOn Photo and TryOn Video modes.

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Pupil Distance

Enable accurate prescription eyewear fulfillment

When fitting prescription glasses, it is important for lenses be correctly aligned with each eye and therefore mounted the correct distance apart.
For this reason, TryLive has devised a method to accurately measure the so-called “interpupillary distance” within a tolerance of 2 millimeters via the webcam and using a reference object for size.

This feature is only compatible with the Try Live mode.

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Face Analysis Tool

Catalog filtering and Frame Recommendation

TryLive offers a way to outstrip advices from an optician at home with the new Face Analysis Tool. 

By scanning the user's face, TryLive identify the face shape, some sizes and distances measures; plus skin, hairs and eyes colors to act as a real specialist.

Once the results are in, the frame catalog can be filtered to provide the best eyewear recommendation ever.

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Optimize web flow through TryLive

Track usage and optimize TryLive customer journeys:

  • Measure traffic, per country and per area
  • Track average visit time per user and product
  • Identify most viewed products
  • Gauge time spent on each product and more