Virtual Try On Solutions for Glasses


TryLive for Eyewear 
offers an intuitive cross-channel virtual try-on experience and robust fitting capabilities for sunglasses and prescription eyewear.

TryLive for Eyewear is a cross-platform and cross-device solution meaning that the customer experience and sales journey can follow the customer at home, in store or on the goIn particular, TryLive for Eyewear also exclusively offers real-time augmented reality try-on and fitting capabilities on mobile devices, smartphones and Tablets (iOS and Android).

Based on face recognition and tracking, TryLive for Eyewear enables to display 3D glasses on your consumers face via a webcam, a photo or a recorded video.

The description of all the features is available here, including Try Live, TryOn Photo, TryOn Video, Compare, Share, Face Analysis and Pupil Distance measure.

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With TryLive for Eyewear:

  • Drive traffic in-store and online: Attract new customers and drive both web traffic and foot traffic with positive word of mouth
  • Engage customers: Offer immersive and social shopping experiences that keep shoppers coming back
  • Boost conversion, reduce return rates: Empower customers to "take ownership" and buy with confidence

The Most Complete Virtual Try-on Solution!


The only cross platform solution - Web, Mobile, In-Store

TryLive for Eyewear is the only fully cross-platform solution available. The same media and application scenarios can be leveraged for use on the web, on mobile devices or on kiosks at the point of sale without rework.

The mobile application works on smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android.


The most complete try-on solution

TryLive for Eyewear offers three different 3D try on modes to offer the best experience to your consumers:

  • Webcam-based try on : see glasses appear on your face an dfollow your head movements, in live!
  • Photo-based try on : upload a photo or choose a model to try on eyeglasses
  • Video-based try on : record a video and see the glasses in replay. This is a muist-have for people already wearing glasses! They can just remove their glasses to record a short video and then compare several pairs on several poses.

TryLive also offers decision maker and measurement tool for a confident purchase:

  • Comparison of 2 or 4 glasses simultaneously, like in a multiple virtual mirror, which is impossible in the real life
  • Take pictures and share it on facebook with friends and familiy to get approval
  • Face Analysis Tool for ultra-personalized eyewear recommendations
  • Pupil distance measure for prescription glasses

The most realistic 3D solution

TryLive is recognized by our customers for the realism and high quality of 3D glasses we produce. We focus a lot on details and high quality rendering and lighting reflections to display the consumers the most accurate variation of materials: like metal, plastic, wood, glass...

Offer your customers a revolutionary Try On • Buy Now shopping experience.
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Exclusive SaaS deployment model

TryLive offers cloud-based turnkey solutions encompassing cross-channel and multi-device application development, 3D media creation and hosting, and cloud-based deployment.

TryLive for Eyewear can be set up and administered directly via an online portal in three simple steps: configure your virtual mirror – 3D glasses catalog, features and design – and copy-paste few lines of codes to your website.

Voilà ! Your eyewear virtual fitting room is now live.


Offer the best solution to your customers

  • A turnkey solution with minimal setup constraints
  • Secure content is protected against copy or modification
  • Unrivalled face-tracking technology for a seamless experience including on mobile
TryLive, the virtual fitting room for all your products


TryLive has been especially designed to become "The Virtual Try On" tool for your E-Commerce website, covering all your products and accesories. 

Using our Face Tracking technology, a large collection of items can be trying on on the consumers face, glasses of course, but also jewelry, hats, caps, helmets, headphones, ski goggles...

TryLive also offers a solution based on image tracking enabling to display objects in 3D at true size in your environment: furniture, carpets, floor covering, electronic goods can be visualized through a mobile device.

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+81% Conversion Rates

with TryLive


- Marc Adamowicz, Happyview CEO