3D Visualization Tool in Augmented Reality


Offer your customers a revolutionary solution to try out furniture or floor covering and visualize household electronics and domestic appliances at home.

TryLive Home is designed for today’s cross-channel customer journeys and can play a key role for home decorating and in support of considered purchases or sizable durable goods for the home.

TryLive Home is based on augmented reality technology to empower your customers to:

  • View and compare in realistic 3D, in real time and in a real setting
  • See whether an object suits and fits in
  • Share to get an opinion or to recommend to others
  • Buy with confidence

Mobile devices, such as tablets in particular, offer an easy-to-use, fun and compelling experience for TryLive Home.

Offer your customers a revolutionary Try On • Buy Now shopping experience.
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TryLive Home offers the largest pannel of features for the best shopping experience ever:

  • Augmented Reality Viewer: visualize products in realistic 3D in your environnement. Create a configuration with several objects in the same view, adjust the position of the objects, and move the device in the room to see the appliances on a different angle
  • Photo-based Viewer
  • Comparison tool: display simultaneously 4 views of your interior and use it as a configurator with a different furniture and objects in each view, and find the most adapted to your needs
  • Take pictures and share it on facebook or via email with friends and familiy and get their feedback




The only cross platform solution - Web, Mobile, In-Store

Using the back camera from a mobile device, it is really intuitive to point the camera towards a marker on the floor to see 3D funriture or objects appear at real size and in situation at home, like in a see-through device.

TryLive Home works on smartphones and tablets running on iOS and Android, and can be used at home, on the go or in-store like a virtual showroom. To continue the shopping experience on PC, we have built a photo-based solution that can be easily integrated into your website, using the same 3D catalog.

High resolution 3D furniture and objects

TryLive is recognized by our customers for the realism and high quality of 3D furniture and objects we produce. We focus a lot on details and high quality rendering and lighting reflections to display the consumers the most accurate view of your products.

Exclusive SaaS deployment model

TryLive offers cloud-based turnkey solutions encompassing cross-channel and multi-device application development, 3D media creation and hosting, and cloud-based deployment.

TryLive Eyewear can be set up and administered directly via an online portal in three simple steps: configure your 3D see-through viewer – 3D objects catalog, features and design – and copy-paste few lines of codes to your app.

Voilà ! Your virtual fitting room is now live.

See it work for Haworth!

Haworth, the US office furniture manufacturer, created a mobile app featuring TryLive Home to help consumers visualize in 3D how furniture will look in their space. The app linked to their online store reached a huge success and is an important conversion tool for the company.

Download the application for iOS.

Success stories


+81% Conversion Rates

with TryLive


- Marc Adamowicz, Happyview CEO